ZU Designs

Town Planning Services


Innovative Solutions

We specialise in creative solutions to town planning related problems with our “out of the box” approach to issues.


Proven Track Record

With over 30 years of experience in the field we have a proven track record of successful applications. Our policy is, if we cannot offer at least a 75% chance of a successful application then we would rather not take on your work.
Whilst we cannot truly guarantee the outcome of an application we can however offer a considered opinion of the likelihood of success. The basis of this approach is to ensure that clients do not end up spending time and money when there is little chance of success.


Broad skill base

We can handle Rezonings, Special Consents, Site Development Applications, Town planning Appeals and Removal of Restrictive Conditions.


National Coverage

Whilst we are based in the Durban area we will handle work anywhere within the South African Region.